Who We Are

Sneha, Inc. is a 100% volunteer based organization.

Sneha's members come from a range of backgrounds -- professionals, homemakers and students. Some of the members are in their sixties and seventies who have lived in the US for decades and bring a special wisdom and perspective to our work. We have second-generation women who grew up in this country and bring their own special access, vocabulary and understanding to our work. All the board members have leadership experience and many of them bring activist experience from their countries of origin.

Thus we are able to deploy a unique as well as broad range of skills and perspectives to each issue. Our objective is to serve with respect and affection. Above all we strive to ensure that women who come to us do not become more vulnerable. We view our work as a collective process of empowerment.

Board members manage the daily activities of the organization, fundraising and outreach efforts, and work directly with individuals who contact us.

People in need of help call our help line, or contact us via the e-mail on our website, which is managed by the board members. All calls and e-mails are handled with confidentiality.

General members provide support with various activities, as well as share their own professional expertise (such as publicity assistance, computer/technical help, fundraising and event management) as needed.

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