What We Do

There are several facets to Sneha's work in the Connecticut South Asian community:

Empowering Women

We recognize that living in a foreign country presents special challenges for women because of the lack of a family support structure, limited financial independence and/or limited English language skills. We strive to make up for this by drawing from the extended family model, common to South Asian cultures. In that spirit, Sneha volunteers offer unconditional listening to any individual seeking help. Services include:

Building Bridges

We consider active participation in the local community an important part of our outreach efforts. As such, we frequently offer and are asked to speak at various forums to help create a truer image of the South Asian community. In doing so, we attempt to dispel myths and disseminate information about our positive contribution to United States society. Not all South Asian women are oppressed. In the same respect, not all South Asians are the "model minority."

Cultural & Community Initiatives

Book Readings
Sneha uses book readings as a medium to inform ourselves of the experiences of people in the community and to learn from them. The books we have chosen to read have dealt with a variety of issues such as issues of race and ethnicity, and South Asian history.

Sneha has hosted and sponsored a number of seminars and panel presentations in areas such as financial planning, women's health, and domestic violence.

Download Our Brochure

For more information about Sneha or to join our organization, please download the Sneha brochure.

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