How We Started

Sneha was founded in November 1983 by Vijaya Bapat and Shyamala Raman as a listening post. Women in need would call in to talk about their problems. Many would call to alleviate social isolation and some for community resources to help with their problems. Members would meet in their homes, to discuss how they could help the callers, and also to discuss books, articles and invite experts to talk about financial planning, retirement issues and other topics of interest.

In 1999, Sneha became a not-for-profit organization under IRS code 501 (c) 3. Sneha is listed as an organization to receive money through United Way. Supporters can donate through their work places and take advantage of matching funds that some employers offer.

The Sneha logo, designed by Sayan Ray, combines the 'S' of Sneha with faces of women. The logo denotes our intertwined lives, as well as our collective ethos of serving with respect and affection.

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